I’ve been lucky enough to be able to speak at multiple conferences and tech talks.

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is live on stage, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing. I have been asked to speak at technical conferences as well as be invited to discuss certain aspects of the ecommerce landscape with my peers.


Convert Digital and Brand Collectives 14 brand migration to Shopify.

Shopify Enterprise Partner Summit, October 2023

Andrew Waite and myself were invited to share our experience and provide advice for some of the worlds leading enterprise Shopify Partner agencies in strategy in large platform migrations to Shopify in Los Angeles, California.

Performance first on Shopify - Shopify Unite 2022, Melbourne

Shopify Unite 2022

Web performance takes patience, skill and the ability to think outside of the box. In this talk we will explore small quick changes that you can implement on your Shopify themes that will have an immediate positive impact on performance, all the way to how to approach a total theme optimization. We’ll deep dive into code and review metrics for each type of change, as well as address common misconceptions around performance testing tools.


Toyworld: Winning the Omnichannel Race

Toyworld: Winning the Omnichannel Race, September 2022

Learn about Toyworld's successful omnichannel journey, how the brand is increasing revenue and improving customer experiences.

Mentoring Sessions

Getting your first role & a little bit about Convert

Learn & Connect, February 2023

Convert was asked to talk to the current cohort of developers at Le Wagon about career progression, short term strategies to secure a role and to talk about the experience that one of our Junior Developers has had working at Convert Digital since leaving Le Wagon.

Code Like a Girl: Intern Lunch, Learn & Connect

Intern Lunch, Learn & Connect, July 2021

I had the privellage of talking to the next generation of female software engineers going through the Code Like a Girl School of Code, discussing career & technologies.