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10 things you could learn over the Christmas break

Christmas is a time of joy, a time for family and a time for relaxing... or if you're a developer it's one of the only times of the year where you can throw some serious hours at personal development, whilst the rest of your family is talking about cricket and crypto.

Next.js 13 - Data fetching

This piece is more for those that are interested in one of the most notable changes announced with the major Next.js version, and that is Data Fetching. The hope is that this article helps make the changes a little more clearer and that by the end of reading, you can walk away with some new knowledge, and of course - be excited to get your hands on Next.js 13.

Linkcart: Migrating to Stripe Checkout

The Linkcart alpha was shipped on the 31st of August - a hard deadline I set for the team. So two weeks before, we went back to review multiple payment providers to determine who would be best to partner with in our marketplace style payments solution.

Tutorial: Performance first carousels with CSS Scroll Snap

Based off of my Shopify Unite 2022 talk, the goal of this tutorial is for you to be able to remove that chunky, dreaded carousel module or library that is adding jQuery or massive JS load to your website - and replace with with a Javascript-less solution (or very little JS - depending on how far you want to take it).

Linkcart: Why Linkcart is subscription free

It wasnt always planned but after much consideration, Linkcart decided to scrap the concept of subscriptions entirely from our product.

The Rise of Headless Commerce

With the maturity of eCommerce comes the push for optimised websites and lightning-fast performance to deliver unique and memorable web experiences for customers.